Paris Street Art: Nouveautés / New stuff

I have (for the moment) successfully resisted writing a before & after sort of post on the places I spot where street art used to be. For the moment I’ll just post about art that still is – or was when I took the photos (some of these, all photographed within the last ten days, are already gone).

No major discoveries in terms of new artists recently, but a hodgepodge of things, mostly (but not entirely) from the southern edge of the 11ème arrondissement, where I live. The neatest thing I’ve found recently is probably the little guy pictured below, cunningly painted on (and using the attributes of) a plaque/cover type thing (I’m not sure what it’s for), very low to the ground, on a pipe running up the side of a building. I only saw it because I’ve become so intent on looking carefully at every likely place for street art that I can’t walk down the street with other people without being a huge distracted pain in the ass.

Cat, by an unknown artist. Rue Charrière, Paris 11ème. Nov 26, 2012.

I have no idea who that little cat is by, but I found another pipe-drawing a few meters down the street that I assume is either by the same artist or by a copycat (or, for that matter, by someone the cat-artist was copying):

Skull, artist unknown. Paris 11ème, Rue Charrière. Nov 26, 2012.

I like how goofy this seems, for a skull – as well as how difficult it is to find, given that, again, you have to be paying very close attention. I’m better at paying attention to things above my eye-level than below it – and there seems to be less street art below eye-level; I assume it gets destroyed faster, or some such.

My other favorite recent thing is this bear by the artist K, placed high up on one of the walls of the little square on my street that sees so much street art come and go (he is next to the spot where the M. CHAT from my first street art post gamboled for several months before disappearing a few weeks ago). I am not normally into cute, but this is great:

Pink bear by K. Rue de la Forge Royale, Paris 11ème. Nov 28, 2012

According to the above-linked webpage on K, the artist, as of a year ago, was putting up his/her teddy bears in the 13ème; I’m glad they’ve migrated to the 11ème. The bear is adorably frowny (and again, I’m not into cute), which may have had to do (I jest, but only barely) with his placement near (and facing of) a few of the naughtier of the many pictures of women-photographing-themselves-with-phones I’ve come across lately by Paddy, one of whose works I put put up in the last street art post.

I debated not putting up more, but I’m curious as to what people might think of these. I personally find them almost disproportionately annoying. If there’s social (or other) commentary here beyond “girls taking photos of themselves in the mirror are really silly,” I’m not seeing it; I’m mostly seeing plain old objectification. Viz:

Artist: Paddy. Cité de l’Ameublement, 12ème. Nov 26, 2012.

Artist: Paddy. Cité de l’Ameublement, 12ème. Nov 26, 2012.

Here I nearly posted a photo of the Paddy paste-ups that K’s bear is facing on Rue de la Forge Royale, but I realized it might actually violate WordPress’ standards. There are three images by Paddy in the square: a colorless version of the woman above; a depiction of the woman from the “Marais” post reclining on her back with her tank-top pulled up and a Fanta can placed extremely suggestively between her feet as she takes a photo of herself; and a picture of the same woman naked except for a bikini top she’s mostly finished pulling off as she (yes, again) takes a photo of herself. Someone has come along and ripped out parts of these images specifically at the crotch (this being France, the breasts were left more or less alone). To be fair, I’m a little amused that someone would bother to do that without trying to destroy the images more entirely. They’re posted right next to a little sports center frequented by a lot of children, so it seems possible some kid might’ve done it; it feels like an adult would’ve been more rigorous. Actually, as I was photographing them a gaggle of 9 or 10 year-old boys came by to go inside and put on a great show of giggling in the nervous way of pre-teens trying to be cool. (Oh, pre-teens.) And come to think of it, they may no longer be there; I see that square every day from the corner of my eye as I walk into my house, and I didn’t notice these today.

Anyhow, there are things I’m much more fond of going on in my street of late. Gzup has been by to post one of his great little octopii (also high on a wall):

Octopus with night-cap, by Gzup. Rue de la Forge Royale, Paris 11ème. Nov 26, 2012.

And I found another of his octopii Rue de Charonne, hanging out with a Space Invader and a samurai who appears to be suffering from some kind of brain-slug:

Space invader by Invader; octopus by Gzup; Alien/Samurai by unknown artist. Rue de Charonne, 11ème. Nov 21, 2012.

The samurai is taken from a print I have definitely seen before and which I think is probably by Hokusai, though I can’t find the specific image online. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but to me it looks like Hokusai’s style. (Not so much the green alien-thing.)

I also found a new Miss.tic (or an old Miss.tic that had been covered up), which was exciting!

“On n’est pas des chiens” (we are not dogs), Miss.tic. Rue de la Forge Royale, 11ème. Nov 26, 2012.

Then there are the usual stenciled or spray-painted political statements, notably this (spray-painted, ironically enough, onto a red wall):

“Mur blanc peuple muet” (white wall, a mute people), unknown. Rue Faidherbe, 11ème. Nov 26, 2012.

There’s also been more work by the unknown artist (I would like to know who it is) who does the watercolor-looking heavily yellow, red and black paste-ups of people (often kissing):

Artist unknown. Rue de la Forge Royale, 11ème. Nov 26, 2012.

Artist unknown. Passage Louis-Philippe, 11ème. Nov 21, 2012.

This (the figure on the right) looks like it may be by the same artist:

Poster on left by Hogre; figure on right by unknown artist. Rue de Charonne, 11ème, Nov 26, 2012.

The above is actually slightly unsettling to me, given the juxtaposition with Hogre’s poster of the little boy in the foreground of Delacroix’s La liberté guidant le peuple and the caption “Qu’est-ce qu’on attend” (what are we waiting for), all of which, of course, conjures up the Revolution. And next to this thing that makes one think of guillotines we have this female figure’s head and partial torso, tilted over as if she’s sleeping or dead… nicely done, unknown artist.

A couple of cool abstract things, artist(s) unknown:

Artist unknown. Passage Louis-Philippe, 11ème. Nov 21, 2012.

[ETA 12-29-12: The above stencil was done by the artist Stinging Fany.]

Artist unknown. Rue Charrière, 11ème. Nov 26, 2012. I think it might be vaguely representative of a wolf, at least to the lower left…?

Some great trees (set off nicely by reflected real trees in the windows) near la Place Saint Michel on the left bank:

Artist unknown. Place Saint Michel, 5ème. Nov 24 ’12.

Finally (in terms of large photos) there was this delightful and very temporary M. CHAT, which was painted over within five days of my seeing it (and I saw it within two days of it being painted):

M. CHAT by Thoma Vuille. Rue de Charonne, Paris 11ème. Nov 21, 2012.

And now I shall post the usual series of smaller photos at you!

I’ve seen this guy twice now:

Artist unknown (can’t make out the tag). Rue de Lappe, 11ème. Nov 21 ’12.

Rue de Lappe (above one had been cleaned off). Nov 28 ’12.

And this guy two or three times:

Rue de Lappe, 11ème. Nov 21 ’12.

Rue de la Forge Royale, 11ème. Nov 28 ’12.

And I found a few more Space Invaders (the website claims there are 1000 in Paris alone):

West side of big monument-thing by Métro Faidherbe-Chaligny. Nov 22 ’12.

East side of same structure. Nov 26 ’12.

Peeling! Passage de la Bonne Graine, 11ème. Nov 21 ’12.

Rue de la Roquette, 11ème. Nov 28 ’12.

And there’s more!

Humanimal friends. Passage de la Main D’Or. Nov 19 ’12.

Typical pile-up of stickers, several of which (dolphins, knife, etc) I see a lot. Passage de la Main D’Or, Nov 19 ’12.

Rue de Cotte, 12ème. I like the way this looks like it’s coming off the wall, when it’s just paint.

Sticker art on mailbox, Passage Thiéré, 11ème. Nov 21 ’12.

More monsters by Le CyKlops, Rue de Charonne, 11ème. Nov 21 ’12.

Passage Josset, 11ème. Someone’s very cleverly used paint to make a hole in a wall look like a profile. Nov 21 ’12.

Signed Psyché. Passage de la Bonne Graine, 11ème. Nov 21 ’12.

Unsigned cat, Passage Josset, 11ème. Nov 21 ’12.

These little spiders are un peu partout. Rue de Charonne, 11ème. Nov 26 ’12.

Love? Rue Chanzy, 11ème. Nov 26 ’12.

Another face by Gzup, someone imitating Gzup, or someone pasting over Gzup. I’m told this is probably a footballer. Rue Charrière, 11ème. Nov 26 ’12.

Full-color version of a Pole Ka work featured in my 2nd street art post. Passage Thiéré, 11ème. Nov 28 ’12.