Paris street art: Le Marais


Yes, a third post in a row about street art. If I were staying here longer than just another month, or my usual slice of California had a street art scene going on… Continue reading

Street art part two / Le street art, deuxième partie


Two posts on street art in a row! My, my. But, as the French would put it, street art is mon nouveau dada (my new interest, my new source of enthusiasm) – and… Continue reading

Street Art in Paris / L’art de la rue à Paris


The French at large, and the city of Paris in particular, seem to have a different relationship with street art than I see in the States, where street art is generally treated as… Continue reading

Review/Critique: Brasserie Le Stone, 11ème


Where: Le Stone brasserie/café, 143 Rue du Faubourg St Antoine (métro Ledru-Rollin), Paris. Verdict: Very good. Tasty food; unremarkable but “correcte” ambiance; reasonable prices (14-15 euros a main dish on average). Importantly, the… Continue reading

Guest Post: Tea-Making for Beginners


Today I’m joined by the lovely skypotatoe (gold star if you get the reference!), a good friend who hails from the UK. She has extensive experience with tea, France, and the conjunction of… Continue reading

Comics in France / La B.D. en France


So I want to write a bit about the French love of what artist Will Eisner dubbed sequential art (comic books, comic strips, graphic novels, etc) – la bande dessinée, or “la BD”.… Continue reading

The delights of being a foreigner / Les délices d’être une étrangère


Nearly ten years ago, I went to England (more specifically, to the University of Sussex) to get a master’s degree. I have never considered myself an Anglophile – that word, to me, is… Continue reading

Comparative breakfast studies / Les études comparées du petit déj


I am currently in England, one of the birthplaces of the massive multi-part protein-heavy Anglo-Saxon breakfast. I had what is commonly referred to as the “full English breakfast” this morning (er, well, for… Continue reading

The myrtille a.k.a. bilberry / Les myrtilles


So there’s this amazing fruit I’ve only ever had in France, though it grows in England and much of the rest of Europe: the myrtille, known in English primarily as the bilberry. (I… Continue reading

French table etiquette / Les manières à table


So, to my delight I went home to Auvergne this last weekend, and among many other things, discovered – as I always do when I’ve been gone a while – that while I’d… Continue reading

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