On (not) being French (enough) / (Ne pas) être (assez) Français


I’ve been avoiding this post for most of the five weeks since I founded this blog, but I think if I don’t take a stab at it I’m going to stop blogging, so… Continue reading

Entre deux chaises / Between two chairs


My mother, a Frenchwoman, has been using an interesting expression to describe my cultural situation lately: entre deux chaises (hence the tag). Literally it means “between two chairs.” Yes. That is what it… Continue reading

Graveyards, Museums and Collecting / Les cimetières, les musées et la collection


Why do people go to museums? Furthermore, why do people go to cemeteries to look at the graves of famous dead? Et finalement, the crux of my confusion — why do people go… Continue reading

On conversation between cultures / La conversation entre les cultures


So I have a few other posts simmering away, but for now I’ll write about conversation. I ate dinner with a lovely couple last week, one member of which is French and the… Continue reading

Congés annuels / Annual vacation


So I got here during summer vacation, or “congés annuels,” when many if not most businesses close for 3 to 5 weeks, basically at once. If you want to go to the restaurant,… Continue reading

On being looked at / A propos du regard


An opening note (though I should avoid disclaimers?): this is probably a post in process. I have many thoughts on this subject — the question of the gaze has been a very thorny… Continue reading

Les plumes et la perfection / Fountain pens and perfection


(A perhaps slightly misleading image, as the journal in this photo is very Italian. The pen, however, is my beloved, battered old Waterman, made in France and bought for a hundred francs, roughly… Continue reading

Lunch Croque Monsieur


It goes against stereotype, but I was in Paris for three days before I ate well. I am staying at a small hotel (no restaurant) in the 17th arrondissement, on the borders of… Continue reading

Hello Paris!


The first of many rooftops. Paris has amazing rooftops. Why? I can’t pinpoint it. A symptom of the myth(s) of Paris? Well, here I am in the real Paris, and here I am… Continue reading

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